MJ Yarns Sophistisock


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Soul Fissure, Lafayette, Steel, Milk Maid, Extra Cream, No Room, Dragons Blood, Intrigue, Sun Jewel, Forest Elf, Kings Blue, Ascend, Ying Fa, Mace, Yarrow, Fresh Mowed, Quiet River, Majestys Fruit, Princess, Madonna, Wisdom, Horn, Narthex, Sky Dust, Brad, Kandied Orange, Tweak, Glowing Eel, Ether, Blue Magic, Party Punch, Cerulean Twilight, Fire Dragon, Fruit Juice, Green Dragon, Joseph, Katelyn, Mice and Men, Midnight Orchid, Peasant, PTX, Purple Dragon, Connie, Faerie Lake, Mystic Lagoon, Phoenix, Lake Side, Leaf Litter, Mothers Love, Mystery, Peacock, Soul Fissure (weight:American Worsted), Minis, Lafayette (weight:American Worsted), Steel (weight:American Worsted), Milk Maid (weight:American Worsted), Extra Cream (weight:American Worsted), No Room (weight:American Worsted), Dragons Blood (weight:American Worsted), Intrigue (weight:American Worsted), Sun Jewel (weight:American Worsted), Forest Elf (weight:American Worsted), Kings Blue (weight:American Worsted), Ascend (weight:American Worsted), Ying Fa (weight:American Worsted), Mace (weight:American Worsted), Yarrow (weight:American Worsted), Fresh Mowed (weight:American Worsted), Quiet River (weight:American Worsted), Majestys Fruit (weight:American Worsted), Princess (weight:American Worsted), Madonna (weight:American Worsted), Wisdom (weight:American Worsted), Horn (weight:American Worsted), Narthex (weight:American Worsted), Sky Dust (weight:American Worsted), Brad (weight:American Worsted), Kandied Orange (weight:American Worsted), Tweak (weight:American Worsted), Glowing Eel (weight:American Worsted), Ether (weight:American Worsted), Blue Magic (weight:American Worsted), Party Punch (weight:American Worsted), Cerulean Twilight (weight:American Worsted), Fire Dragon (weight:American Worsted), Fruit Juice (weight:American Worsted), Green Dragon (weight:American Worsted), Joseph (weight:American Worsted), Katelyn (weight:American Worsted), Mice and Men (weight:American Worsted), Midnight Orchid (weight:American Worsted), Peasant (weight:American Worsted), PTX (weight:American Worsted), Purple Dragon (weight:American Worsted), Connie (weight:American Worsted), Faerie Lake (weight:American Worsted), Mystic Lagoon (weight:American Worsted), Phoenix (weight:American Worsted), Lake Side (weight:American Worsted), Leaf Litter (weight:American Worsted), Mothers Love (weight:American Worsted), Mystery (weight:American Worsted), Peacock (weight:American Worsted), Soul Fissure (weight:Sophistisock), Lafayette (weight:Minis), Steel (weight:Minis), Milk Maid (weight:Minis), Extra Cream (weight:Minis), No Room (weight:Minis), Dragons Blood (weight:Minis), Intrigue (weight:Minis), Sun Jewel (weight:Minis), Forest Elf (weight:Minis), Kings Blue (weight:Minis), Ascend (weight:Minis), Ying Fa (weight:Minis), Mace (weight:Minis), Yarrow (weight:Minis), Fresh Mowed (weight:Minis), Quiet River (weight:Minis), Majestys Fruit (weight:Minis), Princess (weight:Minis), Madonna (weight:Minis), Wisdom (weight:Minis), Horn (weight:Minis), Narthex (weight:Minis), Sky Dust (weight:Minis), Brad (weight:Minis), Kandied Orange (weight:Minis), Tweak (weight:Minis), Glowing Eel (weight:Minis), Ether (weight:Minis), Blue Magic (weight:Minis), Party Punch (weight:Minis), Cerulean Twilight (weight:Minis), Fire Dragon (weight:Minis), Fruit Juice (weight:Minis), Green Dragon (weight:Minis), Joseph (weight:Minis), Katelyn (weight:Minis), Mice and Men (weight:Minis), Midnight Orchid (weight:Minis), Peasant (weight:Minis), PTX (weight:Minis), Purple Dragon (weight:Minis), Connie (weight:Minis), Faerie Lake (weight:Minis), Mystic Lagoon (weight:Minis), Phoenix (weight:Minis), Lake Side (weight:Minis), Leaf Litter (weight:Minis), Mothers Love (weight:Minis), Mystery (weight:Minis), Peacock (weight:Minis), Minis (weight:Minis)