Knitting Pure and Simple Patterns


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Childrens Patterns

2910 Baby Hats, Mitts, and Booties, 982 Babies Neckdown Cardigan, 295 Bulky Baby Pullover, 293 Children's V Neck Down Pullover, 256 Basic Vest for Children, 232 Children's Tunic, 214 Baby Pullover, 211 Baby Tunic, 203 Easy Children's Socks, 113 Children's Mukluk Slippers, 245 Easy Children's Light Weight Socks, 109 Girl's Ballet Cardigan, 111 Children's Henley Top Down Pullover

Mens Patterns

1110 Bulky Neck Down Pullover for Men, 998 Men's Heavy Weight Boot Sock, 991 Neck Down Pullover for Men, 276 Basic Cardigan Vest for Men, 255 Henley Neck Down Pullover for Men, 247 V Neck Down Pullover for Men, 215 Basic Vest for Men

Womens Patterns

1504 Women's Top Down Cardigan, 1303 Top Down V Neck Pullover, 9726 Neck Down Pullover Tunic, 1609 V Neck Pocket Cardigan, 1602 Lacy Pullover, 993 Neckdown V Neck T Shirt for Women, 994 V Neck Neckdown Cardigan for Women, 995 Basic Cardigan Vest for Women, 996 Bulky V Neck Pullover, 9725 Neckdown Cardigan for Women, 9724 A New Neck Down Pullover for Women, 251 Easy Lace Poncho, 282 Kimono Style Cardigan, 997 Basic Shell, 1702 Sport Hoodie, 221 Neckdown Summer Cardigan, 1302 Top Down Drape Front Cardi, 244 Neck Down Hooded Tunic for Women, 224 Weekend Neck Down Pullover


9728 Beginner Socks, 216 Beginner's Lightweight Socks, 116 Mukluk Slippers