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2 Hour Class at Maverick Fiber Arts in Lafayette Colorado

Freeform class provides a place for knitters and crocheters who follow patterns to get a little wild and “off road ” with their skills.  This class provides an out of the box way of teaching beginning knitting or crocheting as well as building upon existing skills without using patterns to create a unique piece of wearable art. There is no right or wrong in this class. All mistakes are opportunities to get creative!

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My entire life I have been fascinated by color, form and texture. I explored this formally by pursuing a BA of Arts and Psychology degree from SUNY Buffalo. After graduation I switched gears and followed another passion that involved my love of animals. Becoming a certified Veterinary Technician I worked at several veterinary practices before becoming a proud mom of 2 now mostly grown daughters. Living most of my life and raising my family on the east coast, (New York and New Hampshire), I made the move to Colorado in 2012 as I was interested in pursuing a masters degree in Art Therapy. Instead, I stumbled upon the world of Freeform knitting and crocheting. With very little knitting knowledge and zero crochet ability I jumped with both feet into the creative world of freeform exploration. My artistic sensibilities were reignited through freeform class as I was able to create one of a kind beautiful works of art all the while picking up the technical skills I needed along the way. As a now teacher of this art form, I am most passionate about unleashing your inner artist. Whether you come to class with tons of technical skill or none at all you will have fun playing with different colors, textures, and weights of yarn and develop out of the box thinking that will take all your fiber creations to the next level.