Since childhood I have always been fascinated with creating things with my own hands and find empowering the feelings of competence and self sufficiency that accompanies solving all sorts of puzzles. From the feel of the fishing line, to the feel of the reins when riding a horse, or the feel of the dirt when working in the garden, the tactile experience of using ones hands and senses is most creatively expressed for me when working with fiber. The sensation of connectedness to the world and time while creating a fiber art piece furthers my inner feelings of balance. My various life experiences such as a rambunctious outdoorsy childhood observing the colors and feel of the world, senses developed as a Fine Art Major from Carleton College, practical experience working a manager for a major department store, and having the opportunity to work for a local yarn shop the past 12 years are strands that have all come together resulting in the creation of Maverick Fiber Arts. My personal preferred style of working is free form, which combines knitting and crochet techniques to create one of a kind fiber art works. My pieces are further embellished as needed using fabric, beads, buttons, and natural elements such as wood and shells. I also enjoy felting and color work such as Fair Isle and Ethnic patterning. I am naturally left handed and can work with either hand. As a fiber arts teacher, I offer options for students to consider integrating into their pieces, yet it is up to the individual artist how their work will develop. Just as like with myself, techniques are learned as needed to fulfill the vision for the particular piece. It is inspirational for me to meet so many fabulous fiber artists that Maverick Fiber Arts attracts. My vision for Maverick Fiber Arts is to be a nucleus for creativity, a place where the imagination can find what it needs physically and spiritually to thrive and grow.